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Hi Human!

Who is The Tech Bitch?

You may be curious about the name of the show or the woman behind the voice, so welcome to the all about me page.

I’m Jamie Hardin, the host of the Tech Bitch Podcast. I’m a seasoned tech marketer by day, podcast host by night.

The Tech Bitch Podcast began as a creative outlet for my frustrations with the tech industry. When I first started in the tech industry, I was excited to be in organizations that were focused on making the world better through invention and the rapid growth resulting from my efforts. It was an exciting career that soon went south as I witnessed the impact of the “boys club” and how women were treated.

I moved to San Francisco after 13 years in Washington, DC with the hope that I would find a thriving liberal community of hippies that would embrace this quirky east coaster. Instead I found a society of extreme riches and poverty. I spent two years frustrated and feeling like my soul was decaying. In the fall of 2017, I decided to move to Portland, Oregon where I found the community I was craving.

This podcast is dedicated to bringing light to the issues that women face, both in the tech industry and beyond. I surround myself with fiercely strong women and I want to share their stories. Episodes focus on women’s issues in the tech industry, struggles as entrepreneurs, career development, San Francisco, the impacts of the technology industry, or just any topic I find interesting.

Please enjoy the Tech Bitch Podcast. I encourage all you ladies out there to stay bitchy!

– Jamie Hardin, Tech Bitch